Octi Planet

Bonka Bird Toys

$ 18.00 


1650 Octi Planet will keep your small to medium-sized feathered friends beak busy and beak happy. An array of woven palm tentacles, colored foraging vine balls, cork cylinders, wooden beads and tanned veggie leather will offer your bird multiple beak pleasing textures and healthy play options. It measures approximately 9 inches high by 7 inches wide and comes complete with a quick link for easy cage placement. Colors may vary as to what is shown.

* PROMOTES A HEALTHY CHEW HABIT - Birds instinctively like to chew, this gives them a safe option.
* ALLEVIATES CAGE BOREDOM - The will love to chew, climb, hang, forage and play with this toy.
* All BIRD SAFE MATERIALS - No harmful substances giving you peace of mind when it comes to playtime.
* QUICK LINK - Easy placement of toy whether in or out of the cage.
* QUALITY HANDMADE IN USA.- Quality product Proudly made by hand in Florida USA.

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