Tweety Motel Reservations

Going away on a much needed vacation, but don't want to leave your birds at home alone? We have the solution for you! We provide boarding services for your convenience. We can't promise you ocean views for your feathered friends, but what we can do is give you the peace of mind in knowing that they are being well taken care of. 

If you feed your bird Zupreem fruit pellets, or Higgins seed, you won't even have to bring any food with you. Also, we can provide your bird with fresh fruits and veggies daily. Reservations include a cage with one perch, fresh food and water daily, and love from our staff. Please feel free to bring your bird toys, extra perches, treats, food if you feed something we don't provide, and anything else you would like your bird to have while you're away.

Prices vary according to cage size and number of birds in cage. 

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 New pricing goes into effect April 1, 2024

Tweety Motel Rates 


Extra Large Cage: $21 (Large Macaw, large Cockatoo)

Large Cage: $19 (Small Macaw, small Cockatoo)

Medium Cage: $17 (Cockatiel, Quaker, Conure, African Grey, Eclectus, Amazon, small Cockatoo)

Small Cage: $15 (Parakeet, finch, canary, Parrotlet, Lovebird)

Lories: $21

There will be a sharing charge if two or more birds are boarding in one cage.

Extra charge of $3 for bringing your own cage.


Pellets (Zupreem), Seed and Nuts

Human Food: Veggies, Pasta, Fruit, Etc. (Healthy Foods)

Not Included: Treats, Specialty Pellets, Toys

Please bring your bird's favorite toy and perch. We don't supply toys. You can also purchase a toy to be added to your bill. If you arrive at 10:00 am for pickup (opening time, 11:00 on Sunday, you will not be charged for service. Thank you. 

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