Cake Party

Bonka Bird Toys

$ 13.00 

The 3488 Cake Party from Bonka Bird Toys is a wild array of shreddy paper and chewable materials for your medium sized feathered friend! This medium sized bird toy is packed with shredding materials and awesome bird pleasing colors. The top of the 3488 has a quick link connector that lets you easily hang the bird toy quickly. A metal wire wraps around this connector and continues down through the center of the toy acting as its backbone. At the top there are (2) natural wooden beads and colorful piece of plastic straw. The middle of the bird toy has an all natural vine ball thats full of shreddy paper. The vine ball does come in assorted color but all of them are bird pleasing. Around the vine ball there are (4) sets of small paper cup cake cups. Your pet will love to feel these cups with their beak and feet and admire their beautiful colors. On the cup cake cups on the sides and bottom of the bird toy there are bundles of multicolored shreddy paper sticking out. These offer perfect pulling opportunities for your pet and are very easy to place with. The 3488 Cake Party is sure to brighten up any cage with its lovely colors and exciting chewable fun! This bird toy is 100% bird safe and measures (8) inches tall by (3) inches wide.

* Impressive medium sized shreddy bird toy.
* Great assortment of colors and materials.
* Easy for pet bird of all ages to chew.
* 100% bird safe.

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