Mini Shred Roller

Bonka Bird Toys

$ 19.00 


The 2310 Mini Shred Roller is a spinning shred fest way of entertaining your pet bird buddy! 2310 has a slim profile making it fit in just about any cage. The top has a quick link connector making installation quick and easy. A small, sturdy chain hangs from the connector and goes through the entire toy. Next, your pet will find a roll of shreddy paper with two colorful plastic snowflake discs on either end. The roll of shred paper has tons of paper, giving your pets hours of shredding and pulling fun.

The 2310 Mini Shred Roller is 100% bird-safe ships in assorted bright bird-pleasing colors and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (7) inches

Width: (2.50) inches

Weight: Under (4) ounces

* Great looking shreddy toy.
* Simple and durable design.
* Lots of paper to pull.
* 100% bird safe.

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