Rolie Polie

Super Bird Creations

$ 34.50 


Super Bird Creations - Rolie Polie - 13" x 8"

The Rolie Polie bird toy starts with a sea grass mat filled with lots of paper shred and rolled into a tube. Birdie bagels hold it in place, then colorful wood beads, mahogany pods and wood slats are added to enhance the enjoyment factor. The rolled mat is seated in a coconut cup and topped with a palm flower. Guaranteed to be a favorite for large sized birds.~Perfect size for African Greys Amazons Eclectus small Cockatoos and mini Macaws.~Destructible toys satisfy a bird's instinctual need to chew.~Foraging devices require birds to work for their Food place foraging toys at a variety of levels in the cage to encourage movement and exploration.

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