Bonka Bird Toys

$ 13.00 


The 1478 Roller from Bonka Bird Toys is a colorful and pullable good time for your small sized feathered friend. This amusing small size bird toy has great colorful roller cages and easy to grab plastic chain. At the top of the bird toy there is a quick link connector for fast hanging in the bird cage. From the quick link connector (3) colorful small plastic chains hang down. These chains have lots of links and are very easy for pets to investigate with their beaks and feet. Hanging below are (3) colorful roller cages that each have a rattler inside of them. The roller cages are all brightly colored and will entice your pet to come play from anywhere in the cage. The roller cages each have (6) bars on them that are smooth and effortless for pets to grab. As your pet pulls and tugs on the different parts of the bird toy it will bounce all about and create lots of bird pleasing noises.

The 1478 Roller is 100% bird safe, comes in assorted bright bird pleasing colors, and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (5) inches

Width at its widest: (3.5) inches

Weight: Under (2) ounces

  • Colorful small size bird toy.
  • Easy to play with plastic parts.
  • Bright bird pleasing colors.
  • 100% bird safe.

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